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Extruded Cereal Products

ECP BV is a family owned extrusion business founded in 1998. We develop, produce and market innovative extruded cereals and proteins for food applications.

What we do

Our extrusion lines transform basic agriculture raw materials into edible crispy formats. These products can vary in composition, format, taste and bite, depending on market demand.

  • ingredients
  • twin screw cooker extrusion unit
  • isocrisp crisps crumbs
  • storage bags
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    Via silo storage & bags, ingredients like wheat, rice, corn, potato, milk, whey are blended into the required recipe composition.

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    Cooker extrusion

    Via twin screw cooker extrusion units and gentle drying systems products like IsoCrisp®, crisps and crumbs are produced.

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    Products are delivered via either bulk tankers, big bags or smaller bags to customers.

cereal bar with crisps cereal bar with crisps
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    Your wish is our command

    In consultation with you, we produce a product that meets your needs in all areas.

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    After finalizing the product, based on your wishes, the final product will be produced.

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    Ready for use

    We deliver the product in such a way that you can immediately use it in your production.